All That is Gold Does Not Glitter


hi hi hello, i havent been around and probably wont be for a bit because i don’t have any wifi at my house (and my mobile hot spot im on now is like over 6 gbs of internet of what i normally get a month) 

i really really wanna rp and if anyone would like to please let me know, but I should warn you my replies will be very few and far between until I can get this internet situation thing taken care of

but in the meantime, have a picture of my firned (that i’ve been meaning to share with you guys but keep forgetting,) dont ask his name ive had him for 3 weeks and still cant decide orz

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[raises an eyebrow, intrigued]  Really now?  I guess that’s one thing we have in common. [takes her hand and shakes it]  A pleasure, Molly.

[pauses, not quite knowing how to continue the conversation] So what do you — uh — do, Miss Molly?

[Nods, smiling, and giving him a firm handshake]

Oh! Well, I farm mostly. It’s really more of a hobby, but it’s something I like to do, you know? That and fish and mine and other things. I own a ranch in Castanet. [Tucks a lock of hair behind her ear] And you? What do you do?

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barabado said: Ah, yes. [draws his lips into a thin line and nods] Bado is… certainly the name. Easy to make fun of. [sighs] Well. It’s nice to meet you, even on these terms. I don’t think I caught your name though, miss…?

[Scratches her cheek before shrugging] I don’t like my name, that’s why I use a different one. [Grins] But I don’t think Bado is a bad name or anything. It’s nice to meet you as well. I’m Molly. [Sticks her hand out for a shake]

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Anonymous asked: "[Molly's hoe lifts from her hands mid-swing while she's working - and simply hangs there in the air.]"

[Her arms jerk forward at full force just as the hoe is lifted from her grip, causing her to lose balance and flip forward onto her back]

Ack- oof!

[Blinks a few times, confused, before spotting the hoe mid air]

Er-why is it…?

[Glances around for anyone in the vicinity, pushing herself up]

…Finn, is that you? Why can’t I see you??

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[Tuts, hands on her hips as she reads the announcement board]

[Shakes her head]

So this is where all my shipped tomatoes are going…

[Scratches her cheek] Rather disappointing, they were good sauce tomatoes…

[Shrugs] Oh well, I’d do the same, I don’t even like them…

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barabado asked: "Hey. I'm a "Bado Ass". Nice to meetcha."

[Purses her lips before smiling] Well, it’s certainly nice to meet you as well, Mr. Ass. Your name givers must have been quite punny to bestow you with such a title.
[Scratches her cheek in thought] Though I wouldn’t blame them, having a surname such as that.

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Anonymous asked: "What's one thing that can make you smile, no matter what sort of mood you're in?"

Baby animals! They’re just so cute and I want to snuggle them all!!

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Anonymous asked: "What's your zodiac sign? Do you feel as though it suits you?"

I’m a scorpio I think?

[Scratches her neck] I’m not really sure, I never really read up on the stuff to be honest.

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