All That is Gold Does Not Glitter

((I know I owe some replies but I should be able to get to most of them Sunday. I might be lurking around but I have work tomorrow and a billy Joel concert after. So I promise soon when I’m not busy. In the meantime, just pretend Molly is like half naked drunk in a lounge chair outside her tent with a hat covering her face as she sleeps ok))

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theworldsmelody asked: "Marielle could tell just by looking at the woman that she had Sephia's favor. She approached her with a bottle of water. "Here," she said. "Drink this; it will help you feel better.""

Molly looked up as she heard an unfamiliar voice speak to her. There was something about her, though she couldn’t quite put her finger on exactly what. Sitting up with a queasy look, she nodded taking the water and drinking slowly. She was surprised to see how quickly she felt better, looking at the bottle with furrowed brows before shrugging.

"Thank you! That actually helped a lot!" She smiled.

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I think….I should probably just lie down for a bit…

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[Wrinkles her nose]

Why does everyone keep picking the spaghetti, blech.

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[Stretches her arms]

Well, for someone like me who has a lot of stomach irritations, it’s probably a bad idea to do this contest…

But I’m going to anyway…

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Anonymous asked: "Who was the last person you told a secret to? Did they keep it?"

[Furrows her brows slightly] I don’t really tell my secrets to people; I’m not sure of who I can and can’t trust and- well my secrets are very very secret. 

But I told Carl a secret not too long ago- the one about my name, though it’s not really a secret so much as I’d prefer to be called Molly. [Shrugs] I dunno if he told anyone but-well there really isn’t anyone for him to tell, I don’t think we have many common aquaintences. 

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Anonymous asked: "What was the last thing that annoyed you, even if it was just a little pet peeve? What did you do about it?"

Ummm- Santino was scratching the carpet. I chased him away; I don’t like the sound of fabric being scratched on. 

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Anonymous asked: "Would you ever get your lady parts pierced?"

Ahahaha- no, never. 

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Anonymous asked: "Describe your ideal mate, in your own words."

Mm- well I’d like them to be taller than me, maybe a bit of an asshole but also is kinda sweet but only to me, ok.

Annnnnd hot, very hot. Maybe serious but sometimes funny, I’m not sure.

There’s a lot of combinations out there, I can’t really decide. As long as they care about me, that’s all that matters really.

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Anonymous asked: "dago is another italian slur, like wop guinea itai. it is also a tasty sandwich."

[Quirks a brow] Slur? Like- when you’re drunk and you can’t speak right, no? I’ve never heard of like- specific slurs though…are there Irish Slurs or German Slurs? I mean, I’ve never heard anyone say those words when they were drunk so I’m not really sure where they’re getting this information from…

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