All That is Gold Does Not Glitter

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Go Back To Your Home on Ore Island || Molly & Louis



"Wonderfuls"? [Frowns, shaking his head.] I can’t say I know what that’s meant to refer to— erm, perhaps a local qualification of gemstone? It seems somewhat— [Chuckles.] Erm, well. It’s an odd thing to call a gemstone.

[Hums thoughtfully to herself as she searches for some, his mind running over what he could possibly do with gemstones.] Well— I certaintly won’t say no, and it’s very kind of you to offer. I tend to, er— I tend to use metals more frequently in my work, but a particularly high quality gemstone could be used as a rather powerful blade— and I suppose if it’s not high quality I could grind it to make a diamond saw..? 

[Looks up as she speaks again, chuckling at her joke.] Well, you could certainly sell them! I’m sure it would go a long way toward your shipping records— I hear that’s of import among farmers. [He scratches his head, mussing up his hair.] Erm— I could, absolutely— and I’d certainly appreciate the gesture! B-but I really do think you ought to ship them— or— well, I buy this sort of thing as well, if you’re looking to unload a large amount of them..?

[Nods her head] Yeah, that’s what I was told they were called..Very confusing if you ask me, as I was under the impression that ‘wonderful’ was a um- an adjective, not a…a thing, you know?

[After rummaging through her bag, she finally produces two stacks of collected diamonds, both pink and normal, setting them on the counter] Oh? Well I can’t guarantee the quality of them but they do sparkle nicely. 

[she gives him a smile along with a sort of half shrug, before crossing her arms over her body] Well, to be honest with you, if it was still Winter I probably wold have; just for that idea of the ‘farming degrees.’ But-well my goal for the Spring, Summer and Fall seasons is to just boost my records just with crops! [Leans in, whispering] Between you and me, the other farmers seem to be a bit on the erm-not good side. I came here at the tail end of Winter and still managed to bring in a larger revenue than them. Not hardworkers. [Shakes her head in mock disapproving before letting out another chuckle and returning to her normal tone of voice] But no, really, just take them; I’m you’ll put them to better use than I will. 


no matter how many times i try i can only marry these two

Go Back To Your Home on Ore Island || Molly & Louis


[Watches the show of ores with curiosity - occasionally adjusting his glasses and leaning closer to get a better look. When the stranger produces the stack of rare metal, however, he picks one of them up - holding it close to his face to examine.]

Hm— “rare metal” is a sort of blanket term I’ve heard shippers use liberally in small towns such as this one and the surrounding area— it’s rare to find anything much more malleable or profitable to sell than, say, gold or diamonds in these locals mines, you see? So metal of exceptional quality tends to be lumped together, shipped out, and sorted based on efficiency of use somewhere else. Let’s see—

I believe what you have here is palladium— but without time to dissect it and test its make-up, I can’t be quite sure. It would certainly fetch a good price if you shipped it, however.

Oh really? [Rubs the back of her neck, before giving him a shrug] I think it’s really interesting to be able to find all these kinds of things in the same mine…I mean there’s some I haven’t even heard of…Wonderfuls? [Compresses her lips as confusion settles over her face from the word. Her brows raise as he continues] Diamonds? Yeah, I find those all the time…pink ones too [Rummages through her bag again] I might have some in here if you want them, I have no use for them unless they’re in a silver band. [Chuckles at her own, sad joke] but- [Looks up at him curiously] Well, do you wanna dissect and test it? Is that a thing you do? It’ll just collect dust in my storage cabinet otherwise…

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Charles & Molly



*Pauses for a moment and blinks.* You… build cars? *Grins* I understand that then. Though for my creations, it is less of exerting them and more of allowing them to stretch their legs, so to speak. Remind me to introduce you to them.

Does that sympathy of yours extend to people, I wonder? *lifts an eyebrow at her in question* And was it that loneliness that drove you to drinking that night I stumbled into your yard? My solitude suits me just fine. I’m constantly building things in my head, and I don’t have time to miss company most of the time.

[Gives him a nod] Mm, when I was younger I took a liking to the idea of car building. I worked in the few shops that were in my neighborhood, though it was mostly uh- scooters that they had me fix. It wasn’t until I was in my mid-teens that I tried my hand at building them. Mustangs really, though I have a soft spot for a few others. [Lets out a small chuckle] I would be happy for you to introduce them to me. But- [Scratches her cheek] Well- I do not hate people; I’d like to think I would lend a hand to anyone who needed it but-

[Grimaces, pondering his words before turning to face him] I-well I have my own personal issues that followed me from home…drinking has always been something I’ve indulged in, whether I was happy or sad. [Runs a hand through her hair, falling silent for a few moments] Loneliness is something I’m used to; but unfortunately it is not something I want…I admit to keeping myself busy as to not let the thoughts creep up in my mind but- well I have heard many times that women tend to be able to think about more than just one thing at a time, no? [She lets out another laugh in hopes to lighten the darker mood she had fell in the path of]

It was. And not nearly as long as it would have taken humans. Robots don’t have unions or need breaks, after all. *chuckles a little bit* And I even added a garden into the back and my workshop onto the side. It suits me perfectly, though some would think it too large for someone to be living in alone.

It’s good you didn’t have to wait! I know they’re not human, but I can’t help but feel bad, you know? Like- well I build cars from practically nothing as a hobby, so I more than understand that they’re just- well they’re not human, but I still can’t help but feel bad if I’ve taken my current project out for a ride that lasted a bit long. Even my farm tools; I can’t help but feel guilty if I overwork them. [Rubs the back of her neck] I guess what I’m admitting is that I have sympathy for things that do not need it. [Chuckles, before giving a shrug]

But I can understand why some might say that! My house in Palermo was a bit too big for just me. Though to be honest, I feel just as lonely in a smaller house than I do in a bigger one!

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Anonymous asked: "What qualities are you romantically/sexually attracted to in a person?"

Well…i think a person’s personality really makes or breaks it for me. I mean you could be hotter then hell but if you’ve got a personality I don’t like…well too bad. But personality for sure, certain smiles, certain eyes, a very nice butt-that’s a deal breaker too; what kind of butt you have.

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Anonymous asked: "Who was the last person you texted and what's your relationship with them?"

Uh Carl! And he’s my bestest firned in the whole world. Seriously, no one can ever be on Carl’s level :|

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Anonymous asked: "What do you find attractive in someone?"

I tend to fine myself most attracted to the physical appearances of people, you know? I can’t really just pick one type, but scruffy guys, guys who are clean cut, sometimes the nerdy types though as long as they’re good looking. I’m not really into the big buff kinds of guys, I mean some muscle toning is good but no beef cakes please. 

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Anonymous asked: "What is your least favorite thing about yourself?"

I’m pretty sure I answered this last week; or at least a variation of it…

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