All That is Gold Does Not Glitter

What’s Up? It’s me. (Fritz/Molly)


[Frowns.] Well, I don’t got his number, either. [Shrugs, leaning over the edge to look down at the door.] Guess he might have it written somewhere! We could go looking and see what’s in there—

[Turns his attention behind him, already looking for the way down as the girl continues talking.] Huh— I wouldn’t know, girly, I don’t really think on it much. Never been very good with geology.

[Sniffs, pushing himself up to standing, talking distractedly.] Uh—… well. I guess maybe his sister! But I think she knows as much as me, on account of that letter. Heh!

[Walks over towards the side of the antique shop, leaning forward to look down for a way down, casually setting his hands to his hips as he muses on the safest best route.] Won’t do much good looking for her, though— [Walks along the roof, starting to disappear out of sight from the front of the house but talking loudly to compensate:] She usually is pretty hard to find!

Huh…[Foot tapping in thought and wondering why someone who seemed to be a firned of Mistel’s doesn’t have his number. But then on the other hand the guy doesn’t even have a phone.] Oh wait- he gave me his number so I could let him know about the pumpkins.

[Pulls out her phone, thumbing through the screen before finding the text between them. She looks up as he suggests going inside] Er- well is that really okay to do? I don’t want to stick my nose where it shouldn’t go. Would he mind if you did it?

[Placing a hand under her chin, she shifts her weight from one foot to the other, staring at the large pumpkin she had set down moments prior] Hmm, I’m sure she’s really worried too…[She furrows her brows as he mentions not looking for Mistel’s sister, looking back up at the roof and blinking in surprise as he’s disappeared, only hearing his voice as he speaks louder]

Er- hey wait, where’d you go?

What’s Up? It’s me. (Fritz/Molly)



[Sits back on his heels, looking down at her from over the edge of the roof with a curious tilt of his head as if she’d suggested something incredibly bizarre.] … well, uh! I would’a, but I don’t got a phone!

[Smiles, leaning back forward onto the edge of the roof.] Pretty weird, though! No one’s heard from him, seems like he ran off to go vacationing in some place called, uh—!

[Leans down against the edge on one hand, snapping his fingers on the other in thought.] Sylvia? Sophia? Se— sy—-… uhh, nuts— [Smiles down to her, both hands now on the ledge of the two story’s roof.] —something like that! Disappeared and no where to be seen, I guess! Not here, at least, and here’s the place we’d most expect him to be!

[She quirks a brow as she stares up at him, blinking a few times. No phone? She felt like she was back home.] Oh…well I have one. We can use that?

[Scratches the back of her neck, looking around as though there were some clue as to where Mistel was.] Maybe he wanted to vacation longer? [She chewed the inside of her cheek, his guesses as to the name of where he went not ringing a bell] I’ve never heard of a Sylvia or Sophia. Is it far?

[She nods, still scratching the back of her neck as she finds this situation to be odd] Do you know anyone else who might know where he’s at?

What’s Up? It’s me. (Fritz/Molly)



HI! [Still calling down to her loudly through cupped hands, scrunching up his face as she yells back as if trying to think of an answer.]


[Heaves a sigh, moving his hands to press under his chest and relieve some of the compression of yelling while laying down against a roof.] Hfff— sec—

[Continues talking loudly with a shrug and a small shake of his head.] Hf! I don’t have an answer for that! I been coming here for a few days now! He’s just gone! Like really gone! Left a letter like a week ago!

[Sniffs, putting on a wry grin.] I read it of course! Says he is coming back last Monday! But here I am and here he ain’t!

[Blinks, watching him and nodding as he asks for a second to adjust himself]

[Purses her lips, nodding her head and recalling that he had said not to bring the pumpkins until the next week.]


[Furrows brows slightly in confusion as realization dawns on her.] Wait wait wait, really really gone? And that he was supposed to be back Monday and he’s not? Did you try calling him or something?



[Looks down from the roof of the Antique Shop, not immediately seeing the girl but seeing the enormous pumpkin and hearing her call into the shop.]


[Cups his hands to his mouth and lays down to lean over the roof edge to call down to her.] HEY! HE AIN’T IN THERE, MISS LADY GIRL! AIN’T NO ONE HOME IN THERE RIGHT NOW!

[Obviously hadn’t noticed the person on Mistel’s roof, but blinks in confusion as she hears a voice call out after her. She blinks, looking around the shop before turning and realizing the voice was coming from the outside. Going back out, she jerks back in surprise at the head peeking down over the roof.]

Er…hi? [Scratches the back of her head as she slowly walks further out of the doorway to see him on top of the roof] Um…do you know when Mistel will be back?

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Track Title: Louder Than Words

Artist: Pink Floyd

Album: The Endless River

She’s A Witch [Molly/Mistel]



Hmm. [Chuckles.] What a shame you didn’t, really. Especially if you’d moved in right before— well. [Pauses. He’s not sure if this woman even knows Fritz, and referring to him by name seems like it would be more confusing than descriptive.] Before the farmland filled up earlier this year. [That was a good enough way to put it. He shrugged, smiling.]

I might as well pay now, then. [He pulls out his wallet, waiting for her to count them up - and blinks in surprise at the number she comes up with. Even with the “since I like you” discount, that seems like a very low amount of money to pay for so many pumpkins - especially including the very large one.]

Are you sure?

[He fishes out a 1000G bill, holding it out to her.] Here— don’t worry about change. Thank you very much, Ms. Molly. Your discount is exceptionally generous. [Grins.] Too generous.

[Listens, a brow quirking curiously at his pause, but offering him a small smile after he’s finished] Well, I’d have probably missed out on it anyways; I didn’t move here until the Spring.

[She nods her head reassuringly at his question, before pursing her lips in a slight pout as she takes the bill from him] I have no idea what you’re talking about, Mr. ‘Don’t worry about change.’ [Scratches her cheek] Besides, it’s only a hobby, I’m not looking to make a profit off them, you know? Whatever I get out of the farm I put back into it. 

Helllooooo i am home friends. Like and I’ll send you some but pls don’t forget meeee

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She’s A Witch [Molly/Mistel]



[Chuckles.] I’m— sure that it is. It must be invaluable for farming. [He nods, eyebrows raising in some amusement at her giggling.] Thank you, Ms. Molly. I appreciate it.

Hmm— [Casts one last look around, nodding.] I think that just about does it for me. I won’t have room for much else in the shop. [Turns a smile on her.] Shall I pay up front? How much would you charge for all of these?

Mm, definitely, especially when i go mining? [Lets out a low whistle] Very handy.

[Smiles widely, giving him a nod] It’s no problem at all; I actually like visiting your town. It’s really nice; I kinda wish I had moved there!

[Retrieves the wheelbarrow of pumpkins, save for the huge one] It’s up to you; now or when I bring them tomorrow.

[Looks over the pumpkins collected, counting them]

Two normal sized ones, six smaller ones, and one huge ass- er I mean giant pumpkin. [Taps her chin, thinking] And I told you I’d give you the ‘since I like you’ discount…mmm [Does some quick mental math before answering] 750G. 

She’s A Witch [Molly/Mistel]


[Frowns between the bag and Molly as she takes it back. Her joke a moment later does little to improve his distaste for the situation, but he manages a smile just the same.] And I won’t be trying it, either.

I think perhaps I’ll stick to the tried and true traditional methods this time around around, Ms. Molly. Shipping it is. Though I suppose if you saw fit to use your bag and come personally to my place without a horse and cart, I wouldn’t complain. I just— would prefer not to handle said bag myself.

[Smiles wider.] Remind me never to look inside that thing again, please. 

[She giggles, tossing the bag to the ground] It’s pretty handy though, despite the weird ability to hold a lot of things…it’s no different than a women’s purse in all honesty…kinda…

[Tucks a lock of hair behind her ear, nodding once before giving a second one] Sure sure, I think I can make a personally delivery just for you. [She giggles again] Duly noted.

[Scratches the side of her cheek, looking back over the fields of pumpkins] Did you want to keep looking or do you think you have enough?