All That is Gold Does Not Glitter

You Are The Weirdest Person I Know [Molly/Candace]



Aww, big kitties… [Blinks at Molly, absorbing this news with a dreamy smile - trying to think if she has any other boxes in the shop.] … … Yeah, I’ll definitely do it. I bet I have a shoe box that would work…

[She sets Santino down on the floor again, patting him on the head, before taking a seat at the kitchen table at last - now that cat business is out of the way.] Cats are so cute, but I don’t think I’d want one of my own.. Chase’s pukes on the carpet and gets hair everywhere, even on my… clothes…

[She’s looking down at her cardigan, and it’s covered in hundreds of little white hairs. She … slowly … starts picking them off…] … Oops…

[Nods smiling] It’s almost a guaranteed whole 5 minutes that they’ll actually show that they care about you if you do. [Chuckles lightly, watching as the white cat, slightly annoyed that more distance was put between him and the box, sat there, tail twitching, and waiting for the box to be opened.]

No? They’re not very high maintenance. [Molly’s brows raise, having had no idea the cook at the bar had a cat and now wanting to go see it because if Molly is anything like her mun, she needs to go see and talk to and pet all cats.] I mean, when they’re kittens, you still have to watch out for them because they’re still babies, but like- well they’re not dogs, you know? A dog you have to take out in the rain to do its business; cats just need a litter box. 

[Pushing at the straw in her drink, she quirks a brow at Candace as she seems to be picking off cat hairs from her person. Without another word, she stands, moving to one of her kitchen drawers before returning and setting a lint roller on the table for her]

So- what brings you all the way out to the Clarinet District? Not that you need a reason, of course, it gets pretty quiet out here, so I’ll take any visitors I can get.

You Are The Weirdest Person I Know [Molly/Candace]


[She watches Molly’s exchange with her cat, smiling awkwardly - like she’s been caught in the middle of an actual argument between two people, instead of just someone talking to their cat.]

Gosh, he’s nice, huh..? [She lets the cat nuzzle her chin for a moment before shifting him in her arms, instead holding him at eye-level - her hands scooped under his front arms, causing them to jut out like a zombie. Candace giggles.] Chase’s cat doesn’t let me pick me up like this, Santino is so easy going.. 

… Do all cats like boxes? [Blinks, looking to Molly again, still holding the cat aloft.] … Maybe I should bring one over there..

[Picks up her glass, taking a sip of her drink and shrugging.] Mm, when he wants to be, of course. Everything is on the cat’s terms, you know. He’s very bad though, don’t let his cuddle bug side fool you.

[The cat continues to nuzzle her, blinking as he finds himself propped up with her hands in the pits of his front legs. Like most cats, he’s convinced he’s rendered useless in this position, staying like so until his brain allows him to realize he can actually move.]

[Molly nods her head] Most do! It’s really weird, I’ve seen some pictures on the internet of bigger cats like lions and panthers and leopards sleeping in boxes too. It’s like their own personal nest I guess.

pink-chickadee asked: "When Popuri docked in Castanet, she stretched her arms up high while breathing in the air. Her trip had been a while, so she was happy to be on dry land again. Walking towards the town, she spotted something in the water in the corner of her eye. There was a handkerchief floating in the water and the pinkette felt the need to get it. Placing her purse on the dock, she reached towards the murky water. "Just a bit... further.." She reached and reached and reached... before she ended up falling in."

It had been quite a while since Molly had made her way through town, the busy end of the summer season keeping her from leaving her farm. She had managed to find a bit of time to spare to let everyone know that the ‘weird, foreign farmer’ was still alive and not dead in her field. As she made her way to the fishery, the site of an unfamiliar woman leaning over the dock caught her eye, the splash made by falling in catching them both. Brows raised, Molly quickly ran towards the dock, getting onto her knees and reaching out to the woman.

"Are you alright?" She asked, hand extended to help her out of the water.
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You Are The Weirdest Person I Know [Molly/Candace]


[She blinks, wide-eyed, and there’s a distinct disconnect between her face and her brain for a second. She simply can’t process the thought of living without a stove - so she doesn’t say anything at first.] … Oh— … oh, thank you— um, sure—

Ah! [She’s startled by the ensuing chaos, staring at each of the members involved in the altercation, the box, everything. After a moment she realizes what’s gone on, however— and she watches the cat, blinking - before picking him up, holding him to her chest.] …Not for you, Mister Santino..! I’ll bring you your own present another day, okay..?

[Molly simply nods with a smile, making a mental note to make sure Candace doesn’t leave without a glass jar]

[As Candace picks up the cat, Molly glares at him, pointing two fingers at her own eyes before pointing a finger back at him. The cat, calm in Candace’s arms, flicks his tail in annoyance at the farmer. He looks up at the blue headed woman, stretching his neck and sniffing her chin before nuzzling her]

He’s nosy, really. He wants to know what’s inside, but really just wants to sit in the box. Any box that comes in here becomes his new napping spot.


hi hi hello, i havent been around and probably wont be for a bit because i don’t have any wifi at my house (and my mobile hot spot im on now is like over 6 gbs of internet of what i normally get a month) 

i really really wanna rp and if anyone would like to please let me know, but I should warn you my replies will be very few and far between until I can get this internet situation thing taken care of

but in the meantime, have a picture of my firned (that i’ve been meaning to share with you guys but keep forgetting,) dont ask his name ive had him for 3 weeks and still cant decide orz

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[raises an eyebrow, intrigued]  Really now?  I guess that’s one thing we have in common. [takes her hand and shakes it]  A pleasure, Molly.

[pauses, not quite knowing how to continue the conversation] So what do you — uh — do, Miss Molly?

[Nods, smiling, and giving him a firm handshake]

Oh! Well, I farm mostly. It’s really more of a hobby, but it’s something I like to do, you know? That and fish and mine and other things. I own a ranch in Castanet. [Tucks a lock of hair behind her ear] And you? What do you do?

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barabado said: Ah, yes. [draws his lips into a thin line and nods] Bado is… certainly the name. Easy to make fun of. [sighs] Well. It’s nice to meet you, even on these terms. I don’t think I caught your name though, miss…?

[Scratches her cheek before shrugging] I don’t like my name, that’s why I use a different one. [Grins] But I don’t think Bado is a bad name or anything. It’s nice to meet you as well. I’m Molly. [Sticks her hand out for a shake]

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Anonymous asked: "[Molly's hoe lifts from her hands mid-swing while she's working - and simply hangs there in the air.]"

[Her arms jerk forward at full force just as the hoe is lifted from her grip, causing her to lose balance and flip forward onto her back]

Ack- oof!

[Blinks a few times, confused, before spotting the hoe mid air]

Er-why is it…?

[Glances around for anyone in the vicinity, pushing herself up]

…Finn, is that you? Why can’t I see you??

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[Tuts, hands on her hips as she reads the announcement board]

[Shakes her head]

So this is where all my shipped tomatoes are going…

[Scratches her cheek] Rather disappointing, they were good sauce tomatoes…

[Shrugs] Oh well, I’d do the same, I don’t even like them…

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