All That is Gold Does Not Glitter



Ah I see. Leather does happen to do that. [He swallowed a bit, firmly looking at her face, trying not to stare at the dress.] It’s nice to meet you- [He blushed a tad bit deeper] Is something wrong, Miss Molly? Is it that strange I’m dressed in such a way?

[Gives him a few quick nods, pulling up the top of her dress] You too- ah [Compresses her lips, before waving her hand dismissively] Ah-no no it’s not strange, it’s- [clears her throat again] fine. i’ts fine. Erm-did you just happen to wander this way or…?





B-b-but— wh-what— goodness sakes! Why would you name such a thing after— after animals and trees—! Bridges have nothing to do with— with bedroom ordeals!


Those things have everything to do with bedroom ordeals, Carl. Everything.

[Whispers for emphasis] Everything…

[Sanjay felt his cheeks heat up as she stared at him in the dress. Sanjay fidgeted a little, anxiously fixing his stocking] Yeah… I um. I don’t wear things like this often. [He has before. But they weren’t nearly as short.] I’m… I’m Sanjay.

[Clears her throat again, trying not to stare.] Uh- well it’s not that I’m not used to these kinds of clothes it’s- just uncomfortable…especially in this warmer weather [Waves a hand in her face as though fanning herself]

[Continues looking over the man; at this point sh’e given up] Oh, I’m Molly. It’s uh-nice to meet you.

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caged--mockingbird asked: "[Sanjay hobbled around, trying to get a good idea of where it was exactly he was. He wasn't particularly looking where he was going and he accidentally bumped into someone.] I'm sorry- [He paused when he realized he just accidentally ran into a woman in a tight red leather dress.] Were you dared to wear something too?"

[Currently mid swing of her hoe, she finds herself lurching forward at the bump of a stranger, her tool completely missing the ground and hitting a rock instead, Molly feeling the recoil running through her body] Er-

[Turns after a moment] It’s a- [Blinks, looking at the man’s outfit, staring for a few moments as a slight flush colors her cheeks]

Uh…y-yes…[Clears her throat] Um you too?

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… …. you mean, like… rocks?

Rocks? Er- maybe? I mean…well there’s like [whispers] some named after animals? And…some are just named after things like bridges and padlocks and just…anything really..




… from trees?

Er- well not just trees, Carl, I think anything really, like…well they have names that like…[purses her lips] are other things…that aren’t trees…

[Fidgets uncomfortably in her dress]

Uh…I guess I should finish my work but…

[Keeps fidgeting, tugging at the bottom of it]

It keeps sticking to me…

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Anonymous asked: "T: what's the worst thing you've ever worn? D: Wear that outfit for the rest of the day."

Uh- well I don’t know, I guess maybe this red leather dress I once wore for something but…

[Furrows her brows] Wear it? I have to find it first! And it was so uncomfortable and [huffs, before going off to put it on]

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